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the_viking's Journal

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aki ross, alice in wonderland, alternative medicine, alternative music, alyson hannigan, anime, apple computers, b&w, babylon 5, babylon5, bdsm, bjork, body piercing, bondage, books, candles, captain scarlet, carressing, celtic music, chakras, chinese food, classic rock, club lash, computers, cooking, corsetry, corsets, cuddles, cuddling, cult movies, cult tv, curves, curvy goth chicks, cyber-sex, debauchery, deviance, domination, donnie darko, douglas adams, drew barrymore, dune, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, erotic comics, erotica, farscape, fetish, fetishism, first person shooters, fitness, flirting, frank herbert, g'kar, goddesses, goth, goth music, gothic, gothic nightclubs, goths, gym, hammer horror, hathor, hedonism, horror movies, hypnotherapy, incubus, indian food, italian food, janis joplin, japan, japanese rope bondage, jay and silent bob, jayne mansfield, kate bush, kevin smith, kinky sex, laurel and hardy, led zep, licking, manchester, manga, massage, massive attack, medieval, meditation, memento mori, mysticism, myth, nine inch nails, oral sex, oscar wilde, padi, pasta, peoplewatching, piercings, pink floyd, polyamory, preacher, punk, punk-goth, rammstein, ramones, real ale, recreational drug use, red wine, relaxation, restraint, rockworld, rocky horror, roleplaying, sashimi, saxophone, sci-fi, scuba, scuba diving, sex, siouxie and the banshees, siouxie sioux, siouxsie and the banshees, snogging, spirituality, star wars, starwars, sushi, t. rex, t.rex, tallulah bankhead, tantric, taoism, tattoos, thai food, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, the ramones, the rocky horror show, tim burton, underworld, vampire willow, vampires, victorian literature, wasabi, weight lifting, william burroughs, willow, wine, withnail and i, yoga, zen, zz9 plural z alpha